Office of the Vice President For Research and Economic Development

ORED Funding Opportunities

The Office of Research and Economic Development (ORED) provides limited and shared support for tenured/tenure track faculty who require financial investment in order to pursue research success.

Questions concerning these opportunities should be addressed to Dr. Devon Brenner at or (662)325-3570.

Domestic and International Faculty Travel Program

The ORED Domestic and International Faculty Travel Program provides small grants for tenured/tenure track faculty for travel to catalyze innovative research, creative and scholarly activities. Funding is available to support all fields and is expected to leverage external resources or collaborations resulting in impactful research and creative activities with the potential to elevate the ranking, reputation and research productivity of Mississippi State University. Travel funding may be requested to support meetings with grant program officers to discuss ideas for future proposal submissions, international travel to foster mutually beneficial partnerships that propel international research engagement, travel to present at domestic and international conferences (contingent on acceptance and presentation of a paper, poster, or other presentation) or travel to initiate or conduct research. Two funding windows are available for travel from January 1 through June 30 or for travel from July 1 through December 31. Access the ORED funding portal to learn more and apply. (Faculty in the Arts and Sciences should note that the ORED Faculty Travel Program is known as ACADEX in the College of Arts and Sciences). Due to budget constraints, faculty who have received a Faculty Travel Program grant are not eligible for Quick Grant funding in the same fiscal year.

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Undergraduate Research Program

The ORED Undergraduate Research Program is intended to foster innovative, faculty-directed research opportunities for talented undergraduate students led by tenured or tenure track faculty. This program is distinct from and complementary to other undergraduate research programs at MSU. A wide range of projects will be considered as long as the budget explicitly supports undergraduate research. The ideal project will produce results that can be incorporated into a publication or serve as preliminary results for a proposal submission. Applications for undergrad research projects are due in the fall of each year. Faculty who have received undergraduate research funding for the 19-20 school year can log in and submit their final report when the project is complete at any time.

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ORED Quick Grants

On rare occasions, faculty may need quick grants to support research initiation that is likely to lead to external funding. ORED Quick Grants may be available on a limited basis to support travel to meet with a governmental or foundation program officer or engage in other activities that have a high likelihood of leading to external funding and that require short term turnaround. Faculty who wish to apply for a Quick Grant can contact the Faculty Research Support Program coordinator at to learn more about this program and to determine whether plans may be eligible for funding. Due to budget constraints, faculty who have received ORED Faculty Travel Support funding are not eligible for a Quick Grant in the same fiscal year.

To apply for a Quick Grant, draft a detailed email that describes the need for funding, activities to be funded, amounts requested, and information about the potential external funding source. The email should be routed to the Department Head and Associate Dean for Research for approval prior to being forwarded to ORED at Requests will be reviewed by a committee of ORED senior administrators.