Research Awards Program

The Research Awards Program is intended: 1) to honor those who contribute significantly to the mission of Research, 2) to recognize and reward students, faculty and support staff for their accomplishments, research and creative endeavors, 3) to increase awareness of MSU research programs and capabilities. The Ralph E. Powe Research Excellence Award is reserved for outstanding, nationally recognized and competitive researchers.

The Recipient must be: 1) a general faculty member with professional rank or those with equivalent rank, 2) an influence on students towards scholarly work, graduate study, and professional activities, 3) one who has made a significant contribution in research to the economic welfare or cultural growth of the University, the State, or the Nation, and 4) one who has participated in a leadership role in local, sectional, and national professional societies.

Nomination information for 2020 will be posted in January.

Research Awards Banquet Program