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1/28/14 - Spring lineup for 'Intro to Lab Safety' sessions set

The Office of Environmental Health and Safety at Mississippi State is offering an interactive, hands-on training course on general laboratory safety. “Introduction to Laboratory Safety” is a three-hour seminar for laboratory users of all experience levels.

The goal of the course is to provide an introduction to the basics of laboratory safety so that laboratory users can identify and reduce/eliminate the risk of exposure to chemical and physical hazards.

Topics covered in the course include proper laboratory attire, personal protective equipment (PPE), work practice controls, chemical classifications and segregation, and material safety data sheet/safety data sheet (MSDS/SDS).

All MSU employees and students are welcome to participate in the course. A certificate of attendance will be awarded after successful completion of the course. A minimum of 6 attendees must be enrolled to hold the class. Additional training dates will be added throughout the summer and fall semester.

Upcoming training dates include:

* Wednesday, Feb. 19, 1:30-4:30 p.m., Institute for Genomics, Biocomputing and Biotechnology, Room 119

* Wednesday, March 19, 1:30-4:30 p.m., Harned Hall, Third Floor Conference Room

Additionally, “Hazard Communication” training and the “Liability in Laboratories” seminar are both available via MyCourses. “Compressed Gas” training will also be available in February for live sessions. Visit for more information.

If you are interested in attending an EHS training session, please follow these steps to register.

1. Click

2. Sign in with your netID and password in the “Check your training records and enroll today” box.

3. Click the title for the date you wish to register, and then click “Yes” to enroll, or “No” to be returned to the enrollment page.

To request a department-specific training, another training date, or if you require special assistance relating to a disability, please contact Erin Kiess at or 662-325-8543.

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