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3/12/14 - Crop research consultant delivering lecture March 20

A consultant with the Crop Protection Research Institute in Washington, D.C., will visit Mississippi State University on March 20, and deliver a lecture for students, faculty and staff.

Leonard Gianessi's presentation, titled “The Importance of Pesticides for Feeding the World,” begins at 9 a.m. in Colvard Student Union’s Fowlkes Auditorium.

Gianessi's research and outreach activities are supported financially by CropLife America, CropLife International, and 17 of its member companies. Prior to joining the CropLife Foundation, he was a Senior Research Associate at the National Center for Food and Agricultural Policy where he led studies of the potential impacts of biotechnology on US and European crop production.

In his presentation, Gianessi describes the megatrends in population growth, urbanization and development of large middle class populations around the globe and the demands these changes are placing on food production and the necessity for pesticide use. Using recent market research data, Gianessi explains the reasons for rapid increases in pesticide use in China, India and Brazil and explains the reasons underlying projections of further increases in pesticide use in these countries as well as in other countries such as Bangladesh.

Gianessi's talk includes a discussion of the important role that U.S. farms play in feeding the world- particularly the importance of soybeans as a feed for the increasing consumption of meat in China. He describes a scenario of no use of herbicides in U.S. soybeans and reports on the consequences. The talk points a way forward for Africa where increased pesticide use could raise the yields of traditional crops such as maize and increase production of foods demanded by modern consumers, such as potatoes.

Please contact assistant vice president for research Teresa Gammill at if you have questions about this seminar

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