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11/20/14 - Mississippi NASA EPSCoR/Space Grant director issues call for white papers

The Mississippi NASA EPSCoR/Space Grant director has issued a Solicitation of White Papers from researchers at any of the institutions of higher learning within the Mississippi NASA EPSCoR Jurisdiction in anticipation of FY 2015 NASA EPSCoR Research Announcement/Cooperative Agreement Notice (CAN).

The Mississippi jurisdiction may submit one proposal to the 2015 NASA EPSCoR program for three years of funding for a maximum $750,000 per award -- roughly $250,000 a year. This announcement is to solicit a two-page “white paper” from potential proposers at Mississippi universities. One of these white papers will be selected by the Mississippi Research Consortium (MRC) for development into a full proposal to this NASA EPSCoR program.

To be seriously considered for selection, white papers must demonstrate:

-- Direct ties with, and responsiveness to the objectives of, a NASA Center or Directorate.

-- A collaboration among two or more Mississippi colleges or universities.

-- Involvement of faculty/students from groups underrepresented/underserved in STEM.

The most competitive white papers may also demonstrate partnerships or cooperative arrangements with one or more of:

-- Other government agencies, business/industry, private research foundations, jurisdiction agencies, and/or local agencies, and/or additional academic institutions.

All white paper submissions must be submitted to the office of the Mississippi Space Grant Consortium via e-mail to by 5 p.m. on Dec. 15.

Mississippi State faculty who submit white papers should copy Vice President for Research and Economic Development David Shaw at and Assistant Vice President for Research Teresa Gammill at with their submissions.

Click here for additional information and white paper guidelines.

The MSSGC office will conduct the first-stage review to assess the white paper’s responsiveness to the CAN/solicitation. The white papers, along with the first stage review assessments, will then be provided to the MRC, who will judge and select the best paper for development into a full proposal for submission to NASA. The MSSGC director will serve as the principal investigator (PI) on the full proposal, providing “leadership and direction for the team from an oversight role.” The investigator in charge of the scientific direction of the proposed work should be listed as the Science-PI.

For questions about this call for white papers, e-mail or call Nathan Murray at 662-915-3190.

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