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1/16/15 - New undergrad research clearinghouse online

A new web portal that is part of Mississippi State University's website is showcasing undergraduate research opportunities and encouraging students to delve into the endless possibilities of academic research and creative discovery.

The new website for MSU Undergraduate Research and Creative Discovery, which may be found at, is designed to highlight all types of undergraduate research opportunities and symposiums. Individual colleges control content specific to departments under the "About" section and can use that space to recognize outstanding student and faculty contributions.

MSU faculty will list current undergraduate research and creative discovery projects on the site, and students may view options under the "Opportunities" tab. Additionally, the "Archive" section will provide a single portal to maintain a record of past projects for existing and prospective students to review.

Jerry Gilbert, provost and executive vice president, said the university has a rich culture of undergraduate research achievements and the website will serve as a clearinghouse to collect and distribute materials easily across all academic disciplines.

"I want to encourage our students to familiarize themselves with opportunities that will continually be expanded," Gilbert said, adding that research projects enhance the university learning experience and often help students identify areas of interest in which they would like to focus further research or even graduate studies and long-term careers.

A "Resources" section of the website includes information from the university's Mitchell Memorial Library, Career Center, Office of Research Compliance and the Judy and Bobby Shackouls Honors College.

Discover more about Mississippi's flagship research university at or,, and

Allison Matthews | Public Affairs

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