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1/26/15 - Collaborative research grants back for fifth year

The Office of Research and Economic Development at Mississippi State is again investing in innovative mini-grants for faculty at the land-grant institution.

In its fifth year, the cross-college grant program brings together researchers from around campus and across disciplines to foster collaboration, according to the university administrator overseeing the initiative.

“We have been pleased with the results of this initiative, and look forward to having another successful round of investment in our faculty,” said Drew Hamilton, associate vice president for research and professor of computer science and engineering.

A $2,000 grant to each of the 27 teams will support the initiation of proposals, as well as help enhance multi-disciplinary collaboration of existing projects.

“Providing faculty members additional opportunities to share ideas and work together to move their research forward is a priority for all of us,” said David Shaw, MSU’s vice president for research and economic development.

“We believe that the cross-college grant program is an important part of the success we have at building successful and diverse teams here at Mississippi State,” he said.

Shaw noted that eight of the university’s colleges are represented among grant recipients.

Participating teams, listed alphabetically by principal investigator, are:

-- Frank Adams, marketing, “Exploring Principal-Agent Dynamics in Destination Marketing Organizations.”

-- Stamatis Agiovlasitis, kinesiology, “Physical Activity and Health in Persons with Down Syndrome.”

-- Peter Allen; wildlife, fisheries and aquaculture; “Trace Elemental and Isotopic Composition of Calcified Structures in Fish.”

-- Stephanie Bennett; curriculum, instruction and special education; “Place-Based Pedagogy and Scientific Literacy in Middle School Classrooms.”

-- Linkan Bian, industrial and systems engineering, “Additive Manufacturing with Biomedical Applications.”

-- Harish Chander, kinesiology, “Impact of High Top Military Type Boots on Balance and Ankle Stability.”

-- Ron Cossman, Social Science Research Center, “Responding to Changes in Social Science Research: Data Management in an Era of Research Results Replication and Mandated Data Archiving.”

-- Steven Elder, agricultural and biological engineering, “Development of an Osteochondral Xenograft for Articular Cartilage Repair.”

-- Yuhua Farnell; biochemistry, molecular biology, entomology and plant pathology; “Identification of Exosomal Biomarkers for Cardiovascular Disease in Type 2 Diabetes.”

-- Masoud Gheisari, building construction science, “BIM Stations on Construction Jobsites: Implementing Technology Based on Human Requirements.”

-- Robert Grala, forestry, “Improving Economic Resilience and Long-Term Competitiveness in Mississippi’s Forest Sector.”

-- Stacy Haynes, sociology, “Year 2: Mental and Physical Health Among Incarcerated Women in Mississippi.”

-- Brien Henry, plant and soil sciences, “Early Corn Planting as a Water Conservation Strategy in the Southeastern U.S.”

-- Trey Howell, basic sciences, “Cardiovascular Dysfunction Associated with Metabolic Syndrome.”

-- Richard Ingram, Mississippi Water Resources Research Institute, “Facilitating, Developing and Implementing a Watershed-based Plan for the Catalapa Creek Watershed and Establishing a Watershed Management Demonstration Center” and “Facilitation and Coordination of MSU's Coastal Assets to Develop and Advance Research and Watershed-based Activities for RESTORE and Other Opportunities.”

-- Kristin Javorsky; curriculum, instruction and special education, “Preventing a Three and Out: Does Failing 3rd Grate Mean I Will Never Go to College?"

-- Brenda Kirkland, geosciences, “Carbon Sequestration Research Initiative: A Subcommittee of the Energy Working Group.”

-- Jun Liao, agriculture and biological engineering, “Role of Scar Extracellular Matrix in Myocardial Infarction and Cardiac Regeneration.”

-- Hugh Medal, industrial and systems engineering, “Mitigating the Effects of Wildfires by Efficiently Allocating Fuel Treatment Resources.”

-- Mabel Okojie, instructional systems and workforce development, “Increasing Enrollment Rate of Under-Represented Students and Women in Graduate Studies and Behavioral and Social Science Disciplines at MSU through Undergraduate Research Experiences.”

-- Raj Prabhu, agricultural and biological engineering, “Targeted Drug Delivery via Magnetic Nanoparticles for Canine Oseosarcoma.”

-- Mark Shankle, North Mississippi Research and Extension Center, “Identifying and Understanding Traits to Improve Sweet Potato Tolerance to Abiotic and Biotic Stresses, Diseases and Disorders.”

-- Scott Thompson, mechanical engineering, “Thermoelectricity Generation via Pulsating Ferrofluid.”

-- Kelley Wamsley, poultry science, “Fuel Biomass for Food Group.”

-- Joseph Witt, philosophy and religion, “Measuring the Educational Impact of MSU Maroon Edition’s Heifer International Global Village Experience.”

-- Tung-Lung Wu, mathematics and statistics, “Spatial Analysis on the Relationship between Diabetes Prevalence and Selenium Deficiency.”

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