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3/13/15 - Seminar to provide research admin overview

Join the Office of Research and Economic Development at Mississippi State for “Navigating the Research Administration Process,” a two-hour seminar beginning at 2:30 p.m. on Wednesday [March 18] in the Bost Extension Center theater. Please register for this free presentation online at

Sandy Williamson, the executive director of research fiscal affairs at MSU, will lead this information session examining the human resources and budgeting aspects in project management and closeout. Specific emphasis will be placed on interdepartmental communication, budget/budget justification development, cost transfers, cost sharing, among other areas. Her presentation is designed for individuals who are just beginning to work in budget management or for those who want a refresher.

The seminar will cover Employment Action Forms (EAFs), Job Labor Redistribution Form (JLRFs), Position Approval Request Form (PARFs), Summer Appointment Request Form (SARFs), Request for Other University Employment Activity (ROUEA), Budget Modules, Managing E&G Funds, Restricted Funds and Reconciling.

At Mississippi State, the Office of Research and Economic Development is responsible for ensuring compliance with all applicable federal, state and university regulations/policies related to research and external funding of sponsored projects. ORED is also responsible for maintaining the integrity of the project data, routing both incoming and outgoing transactional documents, and responding to university inquiries and requests from external entities for reporting related to research division external funding, E&G funding, and separate appropriations.

Please contact Lynn Taylor at 662-325-3168 with any questions.

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