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8/17/16 - NSF EPSCoR issues 'Feeding and Powering the World' RFP

Mississippi State researchers are invited to submit a proposal for seed grants for "Feeding and Powering the World: Solar Water Splitting/Catalysis for Solar Fuels and Fertilizers."

The three research focus areas of the program are:

-- Development of efficient solar cells for fuel production, including dye synthesis and combined photo-catalytic systems for efficient light energy harvesting and conversion.

-- Development of catalysts for efficient light energy chemical transformation and storage, such as water reduction/oxidation, CO2 reduction, and N2 reduction.

-- Computational approaches to development of chromophores and catalysts for solar fuels.

These grants will be awarded under the 2015-2019 collaborative Mississippi, Louisiana, and Alabama EPSCoR Track II award (OIA-1539035) from the National Science Foundation.

Faculty members at any institution in Mississippi, Louisiana and Alabama are eligible to apply. Proposals are due by midnight on Sept. 15.

For additional information on the program, please see If you have questions about proposal submissions, please contact Nathan I. Hammer at

Proposals should be contained in a single PDF file and sent as an email attachment to with a copy to David Shaw at and Teresa Gammill at

Click here for the RFP document.

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