Limited Submissions

External funding agencies often limit the number of proposal submissions that a university may submit. This information is always provided in the agency announcement. The following process will be used to determine which proposal(s) may be submitted to any limited submission call for proposals:

  • It is the responsibility of the MSU employee (faculty, researcher, center director, etc.) to notify ORED if they identify a proposal announcement that has a limit on the number of proposals that can be submitted.
  • Notice of limited submission opportunities will be circulated to Associate Deans for Research, with details about the pre-proposal application and screening process.
  • When multiple pre-proposals are received, ORED will convene a panel of faculty and administrators to review preproposals to determine which proposal has the best opportunity for funding.
  • Once a decision is made by ORED, the principal investigator (PI) of the preproposal is notified that they will represent MSU for the submission and an ORED approval number is provided.
  • The ORED approval number must be provided to the Office of Sponsored Projects in order for the proposal to be submitted to the funding agency
  • A PI of a preproposal that has been approved to represent the university should notify ORED if for some reason they decide not to submit a proposal for the limited submission. This will allow ORED to notify the second highest scoring preproposal applicant to submit on behalf of MSU.

For additional information, please contact: Teresa Gammill, Assistant Vice President for Research (662) 325-3570 or

Current Limited Submission Competitions

Will vary and be updated as deadlines pass.