2020 Research Award Winners

Background Image Alternative Text: Chad Leachman, left, a graduate student in mechanical engineering from Ruston, Louisiana, tops off the Halo Car's power line drive opticool fluid. Assisting is Andrew LeClair, research engineer II at MSU's Center for Advanced Vehicular Systems.

Bagley College of Engineering

Faculty: Masoud Karimi Ghartemani
Research Support: Natalie Beatty
Graduate Student: Jack Francis

Background Image Alternative Text: Chicken Wing Consumer Tasting Panel; Mississippi State's Department of Food Science, Nutrition and Health Promotion is conducting sensory panels on chicken wings and sauce; Department of Food Science, Nutrition and Health Promotion.

College of Agriculture and Life Sciences and MAFES

Faculty: Mark Shankle
Research Support: Brad Burgess
Graduate Student: Michael Nattrass
Undergraduate Student: Andrew Tyler Nuss

Background Image Alternative Text: First Year architecture students assemble their cardboard Pop-up Pavilion projects in Giles Hall.

College of Architecture, Art and Design

Faculty: Alireza Shojaei Kol Kachi
Research Support: Sheri Johnson
Undergraduate Student: Sydney Cozart

Background Image Alternative Text: Two Physics Researchers do work with a laser

College of Arts & Sciences

Faculty: Dipangkar Dutta
Research Support: Silas Knox
Graduate Student: Hetti Handi Chaminda Lakmal
Undergraduate Student: Emily Tingle


Background Image Alternative Text: College of Business Management Professors Laura Marler and James Vardaman conduct an educational workshop for business owners as part of the Family Business Education Initiative.

College of Business

Faculty: Alvaro Toboada
Research Support: Zhenya (Robin) Tang
Graduate Student: Choteau Kammel

Background Image Alternative Text: Teacher leading children around a map that is placed on the floor

College of Education

Faculty: Yan Sun
Research Support: Starsha Jamerson
Graduate Student: Alana Turner
Undergraduate Student: Hannah Freeman

Background Image Alternative Text: Collections of the Mississippi Entomological Museum. Research Associate Ryan Whitehouse with specimens.

College of Forest Resources and Forest and Wildlife Research Center

Faculty: Courtney Siegert
Research Support: Crissy Hathcock
Graduate Student: Will Kruckerberg
Undergraduate Student: Rachel Nation

Background Image Alternative Text: Vet School: students and dog in Wise Center hallway. L-R: Valerie Johnson

College of Veterinary Medicine

Faculty: Trey Howell
Research Support: Edward Meek
Graduate Student: Brittany Szafran
Undergraduate Student: Hannah Scheaffer

Background Image Alternative Text: Rosenbaum Building - Meridian

Meridian Campus

Faculty: Jeffery Leffler

Background Image Alternative Text: I2AT Electron Microscope

Office of Research and Economic Development

Research Support: Kim Rayborn
Graduate Student: Sloan Davis

Background Image Alternative Text: Chemical Engineering Student

University Centers & Institutes

Faculty: Anna Linhoss
Research Support: Vince Sanders