Ralph E. Powe Research Excellence Award

The highest honor for research at Mississippi State University, the Ralph E. Powe Research Excellence Award is reserved for outstanding, nationally recognized and competitive researchers. The recipient of the Ralph E. Powe Award is a mentor who is an influence on students towards scholarly work, graduate study, and professional activities; a scholar who has made a significant contribution in research to the economic welfare or cultural growth of the University, the State, or the Nation, and a leader in local, sectional, and national professional societies.

2022 Ralph E. Powe Award Winner

Dr.'s Jordan, Moorhead & Keenum

Robert Moorhead

Dr. Moorhead is a Billie J. Ball Professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering and Director of two research institutes at Mississippi State University.

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Past Winners

2021 Todd Mlsna
2020 David May
2019 Steve Demarais
2018 Wes Schilling
2017 Henry Wan
2016 Wes Burger
2015 Brent Funderburk
2014 Nicholas Herrmann
2013 Daniel G. Peterson
2012 Kambham “Raja” Reddy
2011 James C. Newman Jr.
2010 Stanislaw Grzybowski
2009 Shane Burgess
2008 Mark Horstemeyer
2007 Louis D’Abramo
2006 Jung P. Shim
2005 H. Michael Barnes
2005 Janice Chambers
2004 Domenico Parisi
2003 Thomas E. Nebeker
2002 Douglas L. Marshall
2001 Roger L. King
2000 David R. Shaw
1999 Robert W. Rogers
1998 Charles U. Pittman Jr.
1997 Lewis R. Brown